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Youth Sports Training Website
Church Web Design Project

Tabernáculo de Victoria

Web Design | 2020

This is a house of worship that needed a brand identity to portray consistent and recognizable information to members and a website to inform new and existing members of service times, Covid-19 updates, restrictions and events, including their new location.

After doing some research on other churches in the area we came to understand and put together a few ideas we could integrate in the website as well as on printed content. The goal was to connect to their audience directly and effectively.

We created them a clean custom website with broadcast and form integration for their online services. This generated several hundred site visitors a month. Their site enabled them to communicate via text updates and announcements which allowed for new members. A clean brand design helped them gain recognition amongst the many other churches in the area, allowing them to grow  weekly and consistently 

Salsa de Ama! Branding

Salsa de Ama!

Brand Design | 2020

This is a local startup salsa business based in Los Angeles, CA who was looking to create a professional brand identity and attractive labels for their product that would reel in consumers.

We reviewed local farmers markets, grocery stores, and online stores to understand their competition and where they would fit in the market. We put together a color palette, designed clean responsive logos and three clean labels for their salsa jars that fit their brand. 

Their brand identity allowed them to reach their target audience as well as immediately generate progressive sales. They were able to generate revenue at pop up locations as well as with returning customers in online and phone orders 

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